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SANET is a toolbox for analyzing events that occur along networks or alongside networks e.g., car crashes on roads and beauty parlors in downtown streets, respectively.
Networks may be roads, rivers, pipe-lines, cables, etc.

If you like to install the newest version of SANET,

Download - SANET Ver.4.1 for ArcGIS 10>>

Download - SANET Ver.4.1 for ArcGIS 9.3>>

Download SANET Version 3

SANET Version 3 for ArcGIS 9.2 offers the following analytical tools.

  • 1. Preprocessing tools
  • 1.1 Clean polyline shapes
  • 1.2 Continuous graph
  • 1.3 Create network index file from a polyline shapefile
  • 1.4 Insert points to a network
  • 2. Analytical tools
  • 2.1 Network Voronoi diagram
  • 2.2 Huff model
  • 2.3 Nearest neighbor distance method
  • 2.4 Conditional nearest neighbor distance method
  • 2.5 K Function method
  • 2.6 Interpolation
  • 2.7 Clumping Method
  • 2.8 M Function method
  • 3. Other independent tools
  • 3.1 Random point
  • 3.2 Polygon centroid
  • 3.3 Grid
  • 3.4 Distribute point data to polylines
  • 3.5 Table arrangement
  • 3.6 Create network index file from adjacent node table
  • 3.7 Edit network index file




If you wish to use the SANET, you need to follow the four steps of procedure.

Step1: Download a registration form and fill in the form.

If you agree with our policy, fill in all the items on the registration form.

● Registration Form

Step2: Send the registration form to Atsu Okabe:atsu[at]

Step3: You will receive the SANET 3 installer via Email.

Step4: Download the SANET 3 manual and you can enjoy the SANET.