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SANET is a toolbox for analyzing events that occur along networks or alongside networks e.g., car crashes on roads and beauty parlors in downtown streets, respectively.
Networks may be roads, rivers, pipe-lines, cables, etc.

If you like to install the other version of SANET,

Download - SANET Ver.4.1 for ArcGIS 9.3>>

Download - SANET Ver.3 >>

Download SANET Standalone 1.0

More tools are available!!! SANET Standalone 1.0 is the newest version which offers the following analytical tools.

  • Tool 01: Voronoi diagram
  • Tool 02: Delaunay diagram
  • Tool 03: Kernel density estimation
  • Tool 04: Interpolation
  • Tool 05: Point clustering method
  • Tool 06: Random points generator
  • Tool 07: Shortest path distance between points in a set of points
  • Tool 08: Shortest path distance between A points to B points
  • Tool 09: Network Characteristics: polylines, points and links
  • Tool 10: Global auto nearest neighbor distance method
  • Tool 11: Global cross nearest neighbor distance method
  • Tool 12: Local cross nearest neighbor distance method
  • Tool 13: Global auto K function method
  • Tool 14: Global cross K function method
  • Tool 15: Local cross K function method
  • Tool 16: Global Voronoi cross K function method




If you wish to use the SANET, follow the six steps of procedure.

Step1: Download the SANET Standalone 1.0 executable file.

Step2: Download the Manual for SANET Standalone 1.0. Then unzip the already downloaded SANET Standalone 1.0 executable file and place it in your computer as shown in the Manual.

Step3: Download a registration form and fill in the form.

If you agree with our policy, fill in all the items on the registration form.

● Registration Form

Step4: Send the registration form to Atsu Okabe:atsu[at]

Step5: You will receive license key for the SANET Standalone 1.0 via e-mail.

Step6: Enjoy the SANET until the license terminates.

For those who wish to exercise SANET tools, the sample data are available.

● The Sample Data