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SANET is a toolbox for analyzing events that occur along networks or alongside networks e.g., car crashes on roads and beauty parlors in downtown streets, respectively.
Networks may be roads, rivers, pipe-lines, cables, etc.

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Citation and Copyright

Citation in publication:

SANET must be cited correctly in any papers or publication that uses results obtained from SANET.

Information on how to correctly cite the SANET in papers/publications is as follows.

Suggested citation:

SANET. A Spatial Analysis along Networks (Ver.4.1). Atsu Okabe, Kei-ichi Okunuki and SANET Team, Tokyo, Japan
In case any correspondence with any person exists, his/her name is most preferably being cited as the above.


Spatial Analysis on a Network Program is copyrighted by PASCO and is intended for the use of students, academic researchers and educators. It can be distributed freely on educational and research purposes, but cannot be re-sold.